permits, permitting, permitted
(The verb is pronounced [[t]pə(r)mɪ̱t[/t]]. The noun is pronounced [[t]pɜ͟ː(r)mɪt[/t]].)
1) VERB If someone permits something, they allow it to happen. If they permit you to do something, they allow you to do it. [FORMAL, WRITTEN]

[V n] He can let the court's decision stand and permit the execution...

[V n to-inf] The guards permitted me to bring my camera and tape recorder...

[V n to-inf] Employees are permitted to use the golf course during their free hours...

[be V-ed into n] No outside journalists have been permitted into the country...

[V n n] If they appear to be under 12, then the doorman is not allowed to permit them entry to the film.

2) N-COUNT A permit is an official document which says that you may do something. For example you usually need a permit to work in a foreign country.

The majority of foreign nationals working here have work permits...

He has to apply for a permit, and we have to find him a job.

3) VERB If a situation permits something, it makes it possible for that thing to exist, happen, or be done or it provides the opportunity for it. [FORMAL]

[V n] He sets about creating an environment that just doesn't permit experiment, it encourages it...

Try to go out for a walk at lunchtime, if the weather permits...

[V n to-inf] This method of cooking also permits heat to penetrate evenly from both sides. [Also V of n]

4) VERB If you permit yourself something, you allow yourself to do something that you do not normally do or that you think you probably should not do.

[V pron-refl n] Captain Bowen permitted himself one cigar a day...

[V pron-refl to-inf] Only once in his life had Douglas permitted himself to lose control of his emotions.

5) PHRASE: PHR to-inf (politeness) You can use permit me when you are about to say something or to make a suggestion. [FORMAL]

Permit me to give you some advice...

Permit me to offer you my sincere congratulations.

allow me

English dictionary. 2008.

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